What is the delivery schedule for my meals?

We deliver every night, Sunday through Thursday, from 7:30 pm to 2:00 AM. This delivery schedule allows us to deliver your meals fresh daily.

How do I know when I will receive my first delivery after my order has been placed?

If your order was placed before Saturday of this week, you will be receiving your first meal(s) on Sunday night. If you placed your order after Saturday, please call customer service to verify the exact date of your first delivery.

How can I receive my meals if I live in a gated community?

You have several options: the most practical and easiest option would be to authorize entry for 365 Wellness drivers with your association to be able to deliver your meals Sunday through Thursday. The second option would be to provide us with your access code, for our drivers to call you once they are at your gate. You can do so by calling or texting customer service.

Can I exclude certain ingredients from my meals?

Yes, you can. Please notify customer service of any food allergies or dislikes you may have, and our chefs will be happy to accommodate.

How can I pause or cancel my meal deliveries?

If you're going on vacation and wish to temporarily suspend your deliveries, let us know, so you won't be charged while you're away. If you'd like to cancel the service indefinitely, you can just cancel your account with us on our website or call us.

Can I pick what meals I receive?

If you're receiving five meals per week, you have six daily options to choose from. We can send you our weekly menus (upon request), and you can pick which meals you'd like to receive. The deadline to pick your meals is every Friday, so make sure to place your order by then.

Can the chefs prepare a 100% personalized menu for me according to my health goals and taste preferences?

Yes, a personal at-home chef is one of the perks you receive when you join our Concierge Guided Nutrition Program. Contact our nutritionist directly to get started.


What is the name of the app where I can access my online portal?

The name of the app is called "Diet Master Go." If you haven't downloaded it yet, go ahead and do so.

When will my nutritionist complete my personalized recipes and when will I see them on my online portal?

Recipes take one to three business days to be completed and revised by your nutritionist. 

How can I access my grocery list on the online portal?

Simply go to your "My Meals" section and click on the grocery cart icon. Select the days that you'd like to purchase ingredients for, and the portal will automatically generate a grocery list for you.

Should I be measuring every ingredient I eat?

If you're not measuring, you're guessing. So, the answer would be yes. Whether it be with measuring cups, measuring spoons, or a food scale, you want to account for every single calorie you consume if you want your results to be predictable.

What if I don't like some of the recipes my nutritionist prepared for me?

Let your nutritionist know that some of the recipes aren't as appetizing as the ones you prepared together. He'll then schedule a call with you to make any recipe modifications needed to ensure that you're eating the foods you love while still hitting your health and nutrition goals.

What can I do if I'm on vacation but would still like to continue eating healthy?
If you don't want your vacation to affect the progress you've made while on the program, it is crucial for you to schedule a meeting (virtual or in-person) with your nutritionist and let him know what food options you'll have available at your vacation destination as well as what foods you'll be craving or want to try. As long as you're prepared and have a plan while traveling, you'll stay on track.


What if I can no longer afford the program but don't want to waste my investment or compromise my results?

Things happen, and health services are expensive. We understand. Talk to your nutritionist about your particular situation, and he'll recommend the best course of action to take regarding your health and eating habits. Your health will always be our priority.