About Us

365 Wellness Solutions was an initiative launched in 2017 to make America a healthier place to live. Our services include comprehensive guided nutrition programs (for everyone) as well as meal deliveries (limited to South FL customers only).

As a high performer, have lingering health issues impeded you from accomplishing what you want in your personal life? You’ve achieved your business goals at the expense of your health, and now you’re not certain whether you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor entirely, even
as an early retiree. Many of you reading this are suffering from obesity, like nearly half the country is (per the CDC), high blood pressure, the leading preventable cause of death and disability around the world, type II diabetes, which is prevalent in one in ten Americans even though a quarter of type II diabetics who have the condition do not even know they have it.
Lucky for you, these and many other diseases can be treated or prevented using proper nutrition. You’re probably aware that there’s no supplement on the market - yet - that can replace quality whole foods and daily exercise. That being said, simply eating healthy foods and walking daily, often times, just isn’t enough to change the course of your family medical history, especially, if
you have a genetic predisposition to these potentially life-threatening conditions.
For this reason, I (David, the founder) have assembled South Florida’s finest team of nutritionists, doctors, and culinary experts who specialize in developing condition-specific dietetic programs for high performers who prioritize longevity, disease prevention, and of course, simplicity.
At 365 Wellness Solutions, we know which external factors can contribute to poor health in high performing individuals, such as a hectic schedule, lack of support or accountability, lack of knowledge/ preparation,
among many other factors.
Every client is like a puzzle, and our renown health professionals take the time to sit down with you, one on one, to get to the bottom of that puzzle and provide you with a comprehensive, easy-to-follow program that includes 100% personalized recipes, approved menu options at the restaurants of your choice, grocery lists, work-out programs, and follow-up appointments with
your own nutritionist, who you have direct access to Monday through Saturday.




David Arguez: Nutritionist/Founder
Dr. Jay Torres: Medical Supervisor